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Ldap::Ldap ( binddn = "",
bindpw = "",
hostname = "" 

Class constructor

string the dn for the bind (kind of username)
string the passwd used for the bind
string the hostname of the LDAP server

Definition at line 56 of file ldap.php3.

References connect().

            global $config;

            $this->OCconfigFilePath = $config->ldap_sldapd_oc_conf_path;
            $this->basedn = $config->ldap_basedn;

            if (empty($binddn))
                  $binddn = $config->ldap_binddn;
            if (empty($bindpw))
                  $bindpw = $config->ldap_bindpw;
            if (empty($hostname))
                  $hostname = $config->ldap_hostname;
            $this->connect($binddn, $bindpw, $hostname);

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