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/* daCode _ http://www.dacode.org/
 * $Id: index.php3,v 2002/08/03 14:03:57 ruffy Exp $

      $topdir = '..';
      require $topdir.'/dacode.php3';
      $html = LoadClass('Html');

      $title = lecho("Mozilla/Netscape 6 Sidebar for ").$config->titledefault;

      $text = '<h1>'.lecho("Having the news from ").$config->titledefault.lecho(" in your browser.").'</h1>';
      $text .= '<br /><br /><p>'.lecho("If you are using Mozilla or Netscape 6, you can use a nice feature called 'Sidebar'. It puts in a part of the main window a tiny window with the headlines of some news sites.<br /><br />To see the headlines from ").$config->titledefault.lecho(" in such a Sidebar, just click on the link below.").'</p><br />';
      $text .= '<a href="http://dirt.netscape.com/cgi-bin/sidebar.cgi?title='.
            $config->sidebarfile.'" target="_blank">'.
            lecho("Click here to add the Sidebar for ").
            $config->titledefault.lecho(" to your browser").'</a>';
      $text .= '<br /><br />'.lecho("Remember that it only works in Mozilla and Netscape 6.");
            $nobanner = false;


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