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/* daCode _ http://www.dacode.org/
 * $Id: index.php3,v 2002/08/03 14:03:57 ruffy Exp $

      $topdir = '..';
      require $topdir."/dacode.php3";
      $html = LoadClass('Html');

      $title = lecho("Our news on your site");
      $text = '<h2>'.lecho("Our news on your site").'</h2>'."\n";
      $text .= '<br />';
      $text .= lecho("You can easily use our news on your website. You have two ways to do that:")."\n";
      $text .= '<br />';
      $text .= lecho("If you know how to do, you can parse our backend file, located there: ");
      $text .= '<blockquote><b>'.$config->baseurl.$config->backendfile.
      $text .= lecho("Else you can call a javascript in order to graphically display our headlines. You may use the following code: ")."\n";
      $text .= '<blockquote><b>&lt;script language="javascript" '.
            'type="text/javascript" src="'.$config->baseurl.'w/news.'.$config->php.
            '"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;</b></blockquote><br />'."\n";
      $text .= lecho("It'll produce a box like that: ")."\n";
      $text .= '<br /><table width="300"><tr><td><script language="javascript" '.
            'type="text/javascript" src="'.$config->basehref.'w/news.'.$config->php.
      $nobanner = false;

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